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Ballarpur Fort

Situated in Chandrapur (old Chanda) district of Maharashtra, all the three forts are of tribal origin. Ballalpur, now known for its coal mines and paper mills, is 16kms south-eat of Chandrapur, the district headquarters, Ballalpur was the capital of the Good king Khandakya Ballalshah during 1437-62 AD. The land fort that he built here on the eastern bank of the Wardha River is square in shape with walls and bastions. There are still two intact gates set at right angle to each other. There is also a small postern gate on the river side.

Chandrapur Fort

The credit for establishing Chandrapur also goes to Khandakya Ballalshah. When the capital was shifted from Ballalpur to Chandrapur, the Ballal kings built here an extensive land fort with high walls and bastions. The fort had at its four cardinal points four impressive gates. The original buildings have vanished, but the gates and a portion of the wall still exists. Chandrapur was annexed by Raghuji Bhosale of Nagpur in the middle of the 18th century. Finally the fort was captured by the Britishers in 1818 AD. Now an industrial town, Chandrapur is also famous for it s old Mahakali temple.

Jainath Temple

Jainath temple is situated in Jainath, a small village 21 Kms from Adilabad. A stone inscription with 20 slokas in the temple mentions that it was built by the Pallava chief. The temple has all the features of Jain style of temple architecture. Therefore, the village obtained the name Jainath. The Laxmi Narayana swami bhramotsavam celebrated from karthika sudda astami to bahula saptami (october-november) attracts a large number of devotees.

Manikgarh Fort

Manikgad(also called Gadchandur) is an ancient fort in Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. It is a hill fort 507 metres above sea level built by the Naga kings in the 9 CE. Currently the forts is in a state of ruins and is frequently by wild animals that live in the vicinity like panthers and boars. Several monuments of historical importance are also present in the area.

Anchaleshwar Temple

The Achaleshwar Mahadeva temple is located just outside the Gond fort in Chandrapur town. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The sacred bull Nandi is seen in near the entrance facing the sanctum sanctorum.

Tadoba National Park

Notably Maharashtra's oldest and largest National Park, the "Tadoba National Park", also known as the "Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve" is one of India's 47 project tiger reserves existing in India. It lies in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra state and is approximately 150 km from Nagpur city. The total area of the tiger reserve is 1,727, which includes the Tadoba National Park, created in the year 1955. The Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in the year 1986 and was amalgamated with the park in 1995 to establish the present Tadoba Andheri Tiger Reserve.